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  • jayalakJayalakshmi Perera , Direct link to comment

    I am a Sri Lankan Buddhist female, around 60 years of age. I am healthy and wish to visit Sri M’s Ashram sometimes. But the distance from the Bangaluru Airport to the Ashram makes me a little nervous.I think the flights are at night. I’ve been in India in In the 90s. and can manage on my own. Any advice?

    Thank you.

    Jayalakshmi Perera

    • vak1969 , Direct link to comment

      Yes – you may get lost at night since the route from the airport is thru villages – and you may not have anyone to guide you. You should spend the night at a hotel in Bangalore and leave the next day morning after breakfast – its a 3 hr drive from Bangalore , the Ashram office also opens by 830 AM only

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