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Welcome to Private Customised Tours from a Few Good Things 

Experience the services of a Professional Tour Companion. Bangalore is home to some amazing sights that even a person born and brought up here may not be aware of. Experience the history and cultural depth of Bangalore with Private Customized Tours.

What can we explore?

There is more to Bangalore than Lalbagh, Cubbon Park, Vidhan Soudha and MTR. There are over 50 interesting places that you can visit in and around Bangalore on a day trip. Ancient temples 1000’s of years old, beautiful serene ashrams, museums, markets, forts, palaces, treks , traditional restaurants, unique resorts …. and a lot many more Good Places. There are a fusion of attractions, in a 100 Km radius around Bangalore that can be explored in a day’s time.

How long are these Tours?

Trips can be customized depending on time available. The ideal trip is an 8 hr 7.30 AM to 3.30 PM day trip. However, depending on your time, I can customize ½ day trips also.

Are these Group Tours? Who is the Target Audience for these tours?

These are customized tours for you, your friends and family. I don’t do open booking.

  • Business Travellers staying in Bangalore wanting to explore the city
  • Spouses of Business Travellers who are free during the week
  • A group of friends who want to celebrate an event (like a birthday) and are bored of just going to a restaurant for lunch
  • Guests visiting Bangalore to attend a marriage, who want to get a pulse of the city’s rich history and tradition

How are the tours priced?

Pricing is worked out basis the following criteria

• Duration of the tour
• Who is organising transport
• No. of meals & type of food desired

I charge based on the time I spend – everything else is on actuals.

What is the language of communication?

I can communicate in English, Hindi, Tamil & Bengali. Sorry, no foreign languages.

Give us a sample of the trips / places that we can visit?

The trips can be customised as per your preferences. I am totally flexible and after understanding your requirements and time available will put together a trip customised for you. Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner options can be included in all the trips.

Trip – 1 : Ancient Temples in Central Bangalore 

  • Visit 3 beautiful temples in central Bangalore – 2 of which were built by the Cholas and date over a 1000 years.
  • Distance : 20 Km
  • Trip Time : 4 Hrs (Temples are closed from 12 Noon – 5 PM)

Trip – 2 : Ancient Temples in South Bangalore  

  • Visit 3 beautiful temples and a serene Ashram in South Bangalore. Includes an ancient cave temple and a short climb up a hillock
  • Distance : 25 Km
  • Trip Time : 4 Hrs (Temples are closed from 12 Noon – 5 PM)

Trip – 3 : Visit to Kolar an ancient Gold Mine town in the outskirts of Bangalore 

  • Visit Kolar & Avani, and go back a 1000 years to witness the charm of ancient Indian architecture
  • A short trek up a hillock with some mythological references is optional
  • Distance : 2oo Km
  • Trip Time : 8 Hrs (Temples are closed from 12 Noon – 5 PM). Preferable start time is 7 AM

Trip – 4 : Trek up a rocky cliff and visit some ancient temples Enroute

  • A medium level 2 hr trek (One way) up a nice windy boulder hillock. Enjoy the scenic views and the suicide point from where a Queen gave up her life
  • Pass by ancient temples and a massive Bull God (Nandi)
  • Distance : 150 Km
  • Trip Time : 8 Hrs. Preferable start time is 7 AM

Bangalore Trips

Trip – 5 : Visit an ancient Jain Temple complex on a monolithic hillock

  • Visit a 1000 year old Jain temple complex atop a monolithic hill. A tranquil and peaceful environment surrounded by natural lakes and rustic beauty. A 15 Min climb on rocky steps
  • Distance : 150 Km
  • Trip Time : 8 Hrs. Preferable start time is 7.30 AM

Trip – 6 : Visit a submerged Temple complex on the banks of the Cauvery river

  • Visit an ancient temple city that was submerged under sand because of the curse of an enraged queen. Appreciate the delicate sculpture of artisans from a 1000 years back.
  • On the way back stop by one of the finest Hoysala empire temple architectures where stone is sculpted as if it were soap.
  • During June – Aug, trip can include a stopover at a scenic twin waterfall.
  • Distance : 250 Km
  • Trip Time : 10 Hrs. Preferable start time is 7.00 AM

Trip – 7 : Trek up a hill in the outskirts of Bangalore 

  • Visit one of the oldest and most well maintained temple complex of Karnataka dating back to 1100 AD
  • Trek up a verdant green hill to visit the hunting palace of a former Sultan. (One way 5000 steps – 2 hr trek – Medium level). Post the sightseeing, we can drive down.
  • Visit a well maintained step well, an ancient temple complex , the point from where the Sultan threw his prisoners down to death – Have lunch and then drive back down the hill.
  • Distance : 125 Km
  • Trip Time : 8 Hrs. Preferable start time is 7.30 AM

Trip – 8 : Visit the worlds largest Pyramid meditation centre 

  • Visit the worlds largest Pyramid meditation centre in the midst of a verdant green campus
  • Enjoy the peace and the serenity and soak in the positive energy of the place
  • Distance : 100 Km
  • Trip Time : 6 Hrs. Preferable start time is 7.30 AM

Trip – 9 : Visit an ancient temple perched on the top of a Cliff  

  • Drive by winding scenic vistas and green forests to reach a beautiful small temple complex perched on the top of a cliff
  • Includes a short trek of 10 – 15 Minutes
  • Visit an Ayurvedic Garden full of traditional herbs and create the fresh air
  • Enjoy a panoramic view of the hills and greenery in an area that has many stories linked to Mythology and is the source of a small river.
  • Distance : 125 Km
  • Trip Time : 8 Hrs. Preferable start time is 7.30 AM

Trip – 10 : Bangalore Forts & Palaces   

  • Visit some very well maintained Forts & Palaces inside Bangalore City and witness the luxurious lives of our kings of the past.
  • Visit Bangalore’s largest indoor market for Fruits and Vegetables – A Clean well maintained market complex with a riot of colours and smells.
  • Have Lunch or Dinner at a Food Street (Optional) or at one of Bangalore’s traditional iconic restaurants
  • Distance : 35 Km
  • Trip Time : 8 Hrs. Preferable start time is 7.30 AM

Trip – 11 : Visit a 1000 year old Excavated temple in the heart of Bangalore 

  • Visit an ancient beautiful temple that was excavated 10 years back in the heart of Bangalore and witness the holy water pouring from the mouth of the bull god on the Shiva Linga
  • Visit a few more energised temples and a serene Buddhist monastery
  • Walk through a park that was formerly the Central prison of Bangalore
  • Distance : 25 Kms
  • Time : 4 Hrs – 1/2 day trip

Temples of Malleswaram

Trip – 12 : Trek up a hill and explore underground Caves  

  • A short 45 min trek gets you to a place full of mysterious underground caves.
  • You need to be adventurous and flexible to explore
  • Distance : 250 Kms
  • Time : 8 Hrs day Trip, Start time 7.30 AM


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How do we book these trips?

Please contact by email or Phone specifying the dates & the number of people in your group.

  • +91 98452 18532 (WhatsApp/SMS Only)

How do we pay for these trips?

You can transfer the 50% advance to my bank account and the balance can be paid by cash when we meet. Post finalising trip details will mail you the account details.

Can you help us plan outstation trips?

Yes, I can help you plan outstation trips – I charge 10% of the booking cost towards planning and managing these trips. Being a travel companion for outstation trips is a challenge as the costs go up significantly.

Are your trips only in Bangalore or in other cities also?

The customized trips are only around Bangalore, but I can help guide you for trips all over India. You can check out the short breaks and long breaks sections in “A Few Good Things”.

What is the background of the Tour Guide?

You can see read more about me here I am not a Tour Guide, but a Tour Companion. My last job was at Apple and after 25 years of Corporate life in leadership roles, I am now following my passion.

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