Bangalore Day Trips – A Cultural Immersion

Welcome to Private Customized Tours and enjoy a cultural immersion of Bangalore

Bangalore is home to many amazing sights. Experience the history and cultural depth of Bangalore with Private Customised Tours

What is there to explore?

There is a lot to see in this Vibrant city. Ancient energized temples 1000’s of years old, Tranquil Ashrams, Royal Palaces, Imposing Forts, Challenging Treks. Add to this traditional restaurants and local cuisine, gardens and park, colorful markets and a lot more. It’s a fusion of attractions, in a 100 Km radius around Bangalore that can be explored in a day’s time.

How long are the Tours?

Trips can be customized depending on time available. The ideal trip is a full day 8 Hr trip. However, depending on your time, I can customise ½ day trips also.

Are these Group Tours? Who is the Target Audience for these tours?

These are customised tours for you, your friends and family.

• Business Travelers staying in Bangalore wanting to explore the city
• Spouses of Business Travelers who are free during the week
• A group of friends who want to celebrate an event (like a birthday) and are bored of just going to a restaurant for lunch
• Guests visiting Bangalore to attend a marriage, who want to get a pulse of the city’s rich history and tradition

What is the background of the Tour Companion?

You can see read more about me here ( I am not a Tour Guide, but a Tour Companion. My last job was at Apple and after 25 years of Corporate life in leadership roles, I realised that most Business Travellers coming to Bangalore have limited options to explore the city.

Give us a sample of the trips / places that we can visit?

Here is a list of our day trips.

Each trip covers 3 – 5 interesting places. If it’s a city tour, we cover more places, but if the destination is 100 Km away we cover fewer places. For more details please visit

Do share this unique proposition with your friends and for more details feel free to reach out to me
+91 98452 18532 (WhatsApp/SMS Only)

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    Congrats Anand for your new initiative, as a avid traveler yourself, his initiative will surely help lot of enthusiastic travellers wanting to visiting different places with a friendly guide like you

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