Are we really a Global Village?

I ask this question after it took me nearly two months to find a pair of cycling shoes. Let me step back and set the background. Spinning  (RPM) s a great group exercise – 1 hr of Spinning can help you burn 800 – 1000 calories. A few months of regular spinning can help you lose weight real fast.


I started Spinning nearly 6 months back and since then have got addicted. When I travel abroad I look for hotels that have Gyms with spinning stations. And most people in the class are – the morning batch at our gym Zela is sold out 30 min before the class and of the group of 15 women, many come as early as 1 hr before the class, its a cat-fight to get the front row bikes  (I am still not sure what attracts them –  exercise or the instructor)


After a few months as you build stamina and want to push yourself more you are looking at means to improve efficiency.  One way to do it is get the right gear.  The right shorts and shoes can help you improve performance by as much as 50%.

Ladies Cimson and Creme Shorts

This is where the saga begins. I visited Decathlon at Sarjapur Road in late Jan and bought the right shorts and a pair of shoes with Cleats. The technician fixed it and I was all excited. The next day at class I realized that the Cleats were embedded too deep inside the sole of the shoes and it was not possible to use them in the cycle.


I went back to Decathlon the next weekend and tried to exchange the shoes – unfortunately the other model with the cleats jutting out was not available in my size. The store manager was friendly and said stocks were expected in a weeks time. I visited after a week – but still it had not come – Decathlon was kind enough to give me a refund.

A few days later my instructor informed me of a new online store that specializes in biking gear. The CEO was nice enough to get back with lots of options but unfortunately did not have my size. (Before people think I am a giant – my size is 11 , which is pretty normal). He promised to order my stock from Italy and assured me that it would be available in a few weeks by end Feb. I kept following and finally yesterday they acknowledged they had goofed up and the stock was yet to be ordered.

On a visit to Whitefield yesterday I spotted a Decathlon there and took a chance again. Luckily they had my size in the variety I wanted. But then there was no technician to fix the cleats ( It requires a special instrument to screw the cleats). Going to Decathlon is a challenge as it can take ½ a day – however my enterprising driver figured a way to get the cleats fixed.

So here I am after nearly two months finally with the shoes I wanted. I am hoping it works today evening when I go for my class.

But the question that bugs me – would I have had this problem in any other large city in US or Europe or even Singapore? When it comes down to getting stuff like these shoes or even Mascarpone Cheese, or Halloween Costumes it’s a big challenge even in a Delhi, Bangalore or Mumbai – you literally have to hunt down the few stores which have a remote chance of stocking them (Mascarpone Cheese is a key Ingredient to make Tiramisu) – chances are 9 out of 10 you wont be lucky.

So what makes us say we are in a Global Village  – or do we have to wait for some more years for the Wal-Mart’s & Tesco’s to come before we can truly become a Global village.  Let’s hope that happens soon.

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