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"Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller." – Ibn Battuta

About VAK

Who Am I? I wish I could answer that question. The great sage Ramana says if you can answer this question you have achieved Nirvana. And Yes – I am in on a quest for this answer. Which is why I left Corporate Life after 25 satisfying years in Sr Management roles at Apple, Sun & Wipro.

Everyone wants to be happy, but nobody knows how to be happy. The Penthouses, the BMW’s, trophy wives and the luxury holidays aren’t getting you there. I don’t know if Steve Jobs died a happy man. I don’t know if Bill Gates and Azim Premji are pouring billions into philanthropy to buy happiness.

I find happiness sitting by a stream in a small jungle lodge overlooking the mountains far far away from the hustle & bustle of the city. You will find many such off – beat destinations in the Blog “A Few Good Things” – places you can visit and recharge. There are day trips, short breaks and long family holiday options. All of them packed with detail.

In my quest to answering “Who Am I”, I have attended a few intense meditation programs and have shared my experiences. My favourite meal is piping hot freshly prepared “Khichdi” or a soothing bowl of “Curd Rice”, but I have ventured out and explored amazing restaurants in Bangalore. From unique Vegan restaurants to places that serve dishes only made with Millets – I have reviewed most of Bangalore’s unique restaurants.

“A Few Good Things” is exactly what it means. A compilation of Good Things served to you regularly through my Blog, FB & Instagram pages. So do join up, enjoy the fresh perspective on Travel, Spirituality & Daily Life.

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  1. Hi Vak,

    While i was searching for something on google stumbled over your blogs. The topics you pick and the flow of the contents you put in there are super amazing. Its great pleasure reading your blogs, keep it coming.

    Titus Seb

  2. Sayvari

    Hi Vak: The article on Rudram attracted my attention to your blog and appreciate the details provided.

    Moving further on the blog of Hinduism, I have a problem with your dating I am no expert myself, but it seems your pattern of dating somehow matches with what the Western Scholars (that I have read on internet) are trying to peddle. Since most of the Indologists being Westerners and their works obviuosly influences the output generated in terms of blogs.

    Nevertheless great work, FYI recently in Haryana excavations reveal of a civilization much older than Mohenjo Daro & Harappa, this may further clarify/add to the mystery of dating our epics.

    Michel Danino lectures at IIT Kanpur also shed some light on ancient India.


  3. Amazing you cover a variety of topics.

  4. Sunil Kolhatkar

    Your blog is very good and thanks for sharing

  5. Bindu Chettiar

    Interesting blog with varied topics covered and well written too!

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