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I see a lot of Tablets & iPads being sold. If we believe the predictions of one of the large market research firms 2014 will see approximately the same no of tablets being sold as computers in the country ( ~ 10M). At home , in a airport , on a train – almost everywhere I see iPads being used by kids as a device to play games.


There are two common themes that cut across most Indian families.

1. We are ready to pay an arm and a leg for our children’s education. Tuition , special classes , all the books they need  – right from age 6 we start preparing them for their competitive exams.

2. We are not DIY ( Do it Yourself ) people. Our banks even offer to deliver money at home for lazy customers who cant travel to an ATM 100 m away from their home ( and that is a popular service) , our cars are cleaned by our drivers , most of us have drivers , and no house can operate without a few maids, a small balcony garden needs to be tended by a gardener – so overall the point is we are not DIY people . When it comes to studies we are more than happy to pack away our kids to Tuition classes rather than spend that extra time ourselves. After all money can buy everything.

Keeping these points in mind the iPad is a great tool for Kids at home. In addition to playing games they can learn a lot of useful stuff in a DIY manner. That helps in better knowledge retention and understanding of the concepts.

Listing below sections on the App Store where you can download education Apps for all levels – Pre School & Kindergarden , Elementary School , Middle School & High School . These are very useful & simple to use educational Apps for all ages. If you have an iPad download them for your kids and get started with getting more  value for the lovely iPad you have at home.

Apps for Pre-school & Kindergarten:

Preschool copy

Apps for Elementary school:

Elementary copy

Apps for Middle School:

Middle copy
Apps for High School:

High copy

PS – Thanks to my colleague Kiran for compiling all the details

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