Turncoat Quotes on May 16th

Look out for these quotes from the famous turncoat politicians of India by May 16th lunch time.




We are a democratic country. We have to go by what the people of the country  decide. The thumping majority for BJP and Modi Ji makes it clear that the people of the country do not hold him accountable for the  Gujarat Incident. With both the Supreme Court and the people of India giving Modi Ji a clean chit – who am I to question him ? The country has voted for Growth and an end to Corruption – the RJD will support him in his cause. My biggest issue was with JDU, now that they have been wiped out I am open to working with BJP towards making Bihar a prosperous and progressive state like Gujarat.




I have always had high regard for Modi Ji. As the food minister I have seen how Gujarat has always been in the forefront of productivity. The NCP has the same agenda as Modi Ji of progress. To create jobs and ensure that the poor farmers of the country are included in the growth story. Gujarat and Maharasthra are twin states – we were actually one state at independence , I am very happy that finally someone from West India has become the Prime Minister. I did not contest this time. Its for Supriya and Ajit to decide. My daughter and the younger generation are looking forward for change and the country progressing rapidly. My best wishes to Modi Ji and he is always assured of our support for development.



I am happy that finally an OBC has become the prime minister of this country. The grave injustice that has been done over the years will finally get resolved. The SP was always with the Congress , we were always against the policies of the UPA that was against the Dalits. I am confident that a OBC leader will be more considerate towards the needs of the poor and the downtrodden. I am confident that very soon we will throw out the inefficient gonda raj in UP and the BJP & BSP can form a strong government together.



Our campaign is based on “Ma , Mati , Manush”. From Pranab Da to Chidambaram the UPA govt has not helped Bengal. The Left has messed up the state. Who has ruled the state since independence – its the Congress and the Left. They are responsible for this mess. My only priority is the progress of W Bengal. I have fought hard to become the CM and I want to deliver on my promise to my people. I need the support of the centre for this. If Modi Ji can help us to create jobs , and reduce our deficit – if he can give us a special package I am ready to support him.




TN and Gujarat are two of the most progressive states in the country. Both me and Modi Ji have brought about progress in-spite of the difficulties created by the UPA in the centre. We have shown how good capable administrators can run a state well. I have always been an admirer of the vision and development work of Mr Modi. The AIADMK is happy to support him – we need a friend at the centre to help us grow rapidly and meet the aspirations of the people.




Telengana is a new state. We need to work closely with the Central Government to create a prosperous state and meet the dreams of our people. It has been a long march to creation of Telengana. The Congress party has promised many times and failed – it is finally with the support of the BJP that this state has happened. We owe our thanks to the support of BJP to make Telengana a reality. We now look forward to their support to make Telengana a model state like Gujarat.

And lastly Manish Tiwari and Kapil Sibal were out of country and not available for comment.

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