Book Review – The Celestine Prophecy


If you believe in this – You must read ” The Celestine Prophecy” – By James Redfield.  Its an adventure story – but ignore the story and focus on the Insights that unravel.

I have always felt that there are some dots that need to be connected between People,Intuition, Transaction Analysis, Spirituality, Energy , Emotions , Relationships , Nature, The Invisible force  – but its been difficult to connect the dots. This book does that beautifully. Its a deep read – I normally finish a book of this size in a 3 hr flight – but this one I read slowly over a few months. Internalising the concepts. That when the true meaning and the impact of the book hits you.


If you are reading this blog and getting introduced to this book – there is a reason. The book starts with the Insight on Meaningful Coincidences – they happen for a reason. This is a subtle way of the divine energy prodding you in a direction, its opening new doors. You may meet a person at a restaurant or the airport, there is a sudden eye contact – you feel connected , you feel you know the person – but you are hesitant to approach. Most people ignore these signals –  the book urges you to be perceptive and be aware of these signals and to follow your intuition.

It then goes to talk extensively about the concept of “Subtle Energy“. I have always felt that Humans are nothing but billions of electrons spinning around – we are 99% empty and 1% matter – since an atom is 99% empty. We like all matter in the universe are a wave. Think of us as a wave – but we are unique – we have the power to evolve, we have Intuition , we have a mind.

Think of yourself as a wave – that is always hungry for energy. And you tap that energy from people around you. When a manager is reprimanding his team – you can see the manager suck in energy from the team. When a parent scolds his/her child you can see the energy flowing from the child to the parent. You can be a bully and demand energy or you can be aloof sitting in a. corner expecting waves of sympathy and affection to flow to you – all these emotions Joy , Anger , Sympathy , Affection , Love , care are forms of energy.

Heather flowers on a fall, autumn meadow in shining settng sun that gives warm mood. Vintage retro style.
Heather flowers on a fall, autumn meadow in shining settng sun that gives warm mood. Vintage retro style.

The Control Drama determines how we behave. And each of our Control Drama is a function of our childhood upbringing. You can be aggressive – an “Intimidator” or an “Interrogator” or you can be Passive “Poor Me” or “Aloof”.

Its not just you and me who operate under a Control Drama – Companies, Countries we all operate under this frame. Today the level of conflict between humans is high because we are forever trying to draw energy from each other – the book talks about the concept of attracting energy from the universe. This is very similar to what the Upanishads and the India Sages have said in the past – if we can improve our self awareness and understand the source of our emotions, if we can answer the Question that Ramana Maharishi asks –  “Who Am I”  we can over time align with the infinite energy of the universe. We become one with the Universe. Thats Nirvana, Moksh … then you become God. The book talks about the concept of karma – You get back what you throw out. It talks about.

We all enjoy a walk in mountain surrounded by virgin forests – or a early morning walk by the sea. Why is that ? Because there is so much of energy in nature – in the mountains , forests , rivers , the Seas. Why did the Rishis and seekers go to the Himalayas – because there is so much energy there. There is energy in ancient temple , there is energy in Vastu. And we can train ourselves to draw upon this energy.

You can also transfer energy – when you look closely and appreciate a object – you can make your energy flow to that person ( That sounds similar to Positive Strokes).

This wave can be optimised – this wave is utilising only 1% of its capacity. Think of the TV Antennae of the past. The TV did not function till the antennae was aligned properly – one minute twist and the picture clarity was perfect , come a storm or wind and a slight change in the position of the antenna – the reception would be bad. In a similar manner the book talks about our ability to optimise ourselves to connect with the Universal energy.

A quick summary of the inisghts 

  • First Insight occurs when we take coincidences seriously
  • The Second Insight is about us opening up – we have been preoccupied with material survival , of controlling our situation out of our insecurity – our openness now represents a kind of waking up
  • The Third begins a new way of life – it talks about energy and how the energy responds to how we think . Its all in our control.
  • The fourth exposes the human tendency to steal energy from other humans by controlling them.
  • The fifth Insight reveals that this shortage can be solved when we connect with the higher source.
  • The sixth insight talks about how we can clear our old repeated patterns of Dramas and find our true selves
  • Seventh talks about the evolution of our true selves – through Question , Intuition and self discovery
  • Eighth talks about how to relate to others
  • The ninth talks about unification – about all religions having the same goal of connecting humankind to the higher source, Religions become corrupted when leaders are asked to propose Gods will as a mantra Vs helping them to find their own direction and truth within.


The insights also talk about Group Energy and how the Male and Female energy are present in each person. Many a time we seek to compliment our energy with a person from the opposite sex.

The book finally over to the mission and talks about the purpose  – and how we are constantly evolving. Whats the end goal and how we will transform as more and more people on earth get aligned with this concept and are aware of their energy fields.

As our personal vibrations increase more energy flows into us. Meditation , Yoga , Satsang are all methods by which we can increase our personal vibrations.

Thats a lot to digest and like I said earlier this book is not meant for everyone. its for someone who has started the journey of self discovery and will act as a catalyst, summarising and reinforcing his perspectives. I was lucky to be able to discuss this book with a friend who lives and breathes the insights – and that really helped in understanding these concepts better.

I believe the book has been made into a movie and there are follow up books with other Insights. The “Tenth Insight” was followed up with ” The Secret of Shambala – In Search of the 11th Insight” set in modern day Tibet . I am sure those will be interesting reads too.

In 1995 & 1996 this was the Bestselling book in the world. When the book was first written the author found it difficult to find a publisher and had to self publish and hand carry the first 1500 copies to book stores.

I found this to be a very interesting read – if you are one of the few reading this blog maybe you are destined to read this too.




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