How to be Happy in 2019

By now you would have received many Happy New Year greetings. You have been getting them every year for many years. But Happiness still eludes most of the 7.2 B people on earth.

Here are 5 simple actions that you can perform everyday to inch forward on the road to Happiness. 

  1. Be Happy for what you have – Tell yourself every night before you sleep THANK YOU. Count your blessings. Being Contended is the 1st step towards being Happy. 

2. Implement Six Sigma. You don’t know how to get to Happiness so start eliminating everything that makes you UNHAPPY. Health problems like acidity, lack of sleep, painful joints, obesity etc can be fixed thru regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Positive energy can come from the company of Good People – Satsang. Surround yourself with Good Thoughts.

3. Minimise your EGO & DESIRE. These are the deadly twins that cause the most unhappiness. Both were created by YOU and only you can Fix it.

4. Minimising your Ego & Desire is easier said than done. But practising these 3 things regularly can help you over a period of time and lead to you to happiness & Contentment

  • Dont tell LIES – . We tell our children not to LIE but most humans are compulsive liars. This action makes your conscience sparkling clean.
  • Live a life of moderation – Dont deny yourself but avoid Excess
  • Be Compassionate. Help people. If you cannot help – at least dont block good things from happening to people with your actions.

5. Meditation can help you in your journey. If you are at peace with yourself you can sit quietly. Loneliness is the poverty of the Self, Solitude is the richness of the Self. Start with 10 minutes a day just focusing on your breath and slowly increase it to 30 minutes. You will see miracles in 30 days. A STILL body creates a STILL Mind

Now that you have 5 Simple Steps to HAPPINESS get started in 2019 and have a Wonderful Year ahead and remember success comes with Patience & Perseverance. 




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