Secret Revealed – Where to find Bangalore’s best Chocolates

Everyone loves Chocolates. Almost everyone I know barring one. While day to day after meals craving can be met with Lindt, 5 Star , Dairy Milk, Toblerone and Amul Chocolates – many of those will be at the bottom of the pile in a chocolate connoisseur’s ranking.

So where do you get the best Chocolates in Bangalore? The city has a decent array of Chocolate shops. Ooty Chocolate, Chocolate Junction, Zoroy, Royce, Jus’Truf, Smoor (Earlier BLISS) and Fabelle (ITC) are the leading brands. Of them my favourites have been Smoor & Fabelle – that was till I discovered Gallianoz.

Smoor & Fabelle have taken chocolate retailing to a different level – their variety, experience and packaging is a delight. But they are very expensive – and as the brand has become popular the rates have been going higher and higher. Smoor has doubled its rates in the last 6 years. They sell Boxes based on Pieces (Not on weight) – So a small box with 10 tiny pieces can cost you 800 – 1000 Rs. That is exorbitant. And thats where Gallianoz scores.

Gallianoz sells an amazing range of Tastier, Bigger Chocolates that can be customised in shape, size, flavour, packaging at a price that is almost 1/2 of what you get at Smoor or Fabelle. Yes the retail experience will not be so good since this is sold from a tiny shop tucked in the bye lanes of Rhenius Street near the Hockey stadium in Richmond Town. Good things always need to be hunted down, and Gallianoz is indeed a great secret to discover in Bangalore.

Gallianoz was started by a housewife – Zaver in 2002. Born in Mumbai and having lived in Toronto & New York she could not find good Chocolates in Bangalore. Thats when she started experimenting at home and crafted the art of becoming a master Chocolatier. Her friends loved her chocolates and spread the good news word of mouth. It has been almost 18 years and thats how she runs her business. Happy satisfied customers get her more customers.

Gallianoz specialises in making Truffles. A chocolate truffle is a type of chocolate confectionery, traditionally made with a chocolate ganache centre coated in chocolate, cocoa powder or chopped toasted nuts (typically hazelnuts, almonds, or coconut). Most Truffles you get in the market are Cream Based – Gallianoz Truffles are hand made with fresh chocolate – No ready made pastes or fillings are used.

These Truffles are priced at Rs 2000 + GST / KG ( 1 KG = 44 Pieces) – Thats less than Rs 50/piece for a huge piece of Chocolate. And Fabelle will sell you Chocolates that are half the size at Rs 100/piece. The assorted Chocolates are smaller in size and are priced at Rs 1800/kg + GST (1 Kg = 80 Pieces) ~ Rs 25 / piece. And if you wonder how they manage to keep their prices so affordable – Its easy they focus on the product. Cost of retailing in a high street / mall with many employees adds up to 1/2 the cost.

In addition to their trademark Truffles (which are always in stock and stored at a controlled temperature of 14 Degrees) you can custom order a wide variety – Caramel, Coffee, Walnut, Almonds, Orange , Mint, Dates dipped in Chocolate, White Chocolates, Cardamom, Pepper Chilly ….

Every Chocolate is hand made and crafted to perfection. Its never kept in stock as the taste of Chocolates are best when eaten fresh. Gallianoz sources its Chocolate from Ghana & Ivory Coast. They also make fresh hot chocolate Drinks powder. You can mix it with milk or drink it concentrated like a rich Chocolate shot. This is rich pure chocolate and gives you a ton of energy. It comes in 3 flavours – Dark, Orange & Mint and is priced Rs 2400 / Kg.


So the next time you want to celebrate or gift chocolates head to Gallianoz. Call the friendly Zaver at +91 99455 95645. And remember – Truffles are available all the time but other products need to be pre ordered.

Address – 14/2, Rhenius Street, Richmond Town, Bangalore, India 560025 (Google Maps may not take you to the exact location)

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  • Roshan Kuka , Direct link to comment

    So proud of your achievement Zaver. Your chocolates have and will always be the first choice !! Can’t believe it’s been 18 years since I tasted my first Gallianoz. Cheers to your continuous success!

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