Family Trip to HK – Macau

You can plan a good 1 week trip to HK Macau. Its a great family vacation destination.  The biggest advantages are
1. Direct Flights 2 . No Visa 3. Lots of activities for kids to be Busy.
Day – 0 : The dragon Air flight from Bangalore leaves at 2.40 AM  and reaches at 11 AM – Bad Timing , cramped seats – but you have no other option from
Day – 1 : Straight to the Disneyland Hotel from the Airport. Its in Lantau island – a 20 min drive by car. We reached by 12.30. There are 2 hotels inside Disneyland – The Disney Hotel & the Hollywood Hotel. Disney Hotel is a little more expensive because you have all disney Characters joining you at Breakfast for photo Ops. Hotel is great – rooms are large & spacious and can accommodate 2 adults & 2 kids. After check in & lunch ( you have Indian food but its sad) we were ready to leave to Disneyland by 2.30.
Disneyland HK is small & Compact. There is a bus service from the hotel that  drops you – 10 min drive. The whole of Disneyland can be seen in 1 1/2 days – compare this to the ones in Florida & Los Angeles where you need 3 – 4 days and still cant complete everything. Queues here are reasonable  10 – 15 min wait. There are 4 sections each of which will take about 2 – 3 hours to complete. Its modeled exactly like the Disneyworld at LA with Main Street , Trains , Castle , Parades etc. Its open from 10 AM to 8 PM – and ends with a brilliant firework display at 8 PM.
Day – 2 : Breakfast was a fabulous spread ( over 100 items to choose from) and we had great photo ops with all the disney characters. Kids love it – my 4 year old thought that al these characters actually lived in the hotel and had come down for breakfast. After breakfast we sett off for Disneyland and spent the entire day there.

Time flies at Disneyland – and before you realize its 4.30 and the parade starts followed by the Fireworks display. Lost of restaurants inside Disneyland and food is not is a problem.  This may be smaller than the Disneyworld we had been to at LA many years back – but we were very contented that we covered everything and still had energy to walk. Lines were small. ( The biggest challenge in US is the huge Q’s and the size of the park is so large that even after 2 full days you would not have seen half the entertainments). We were back in the room by 8.30 PM.
Day – 3 After a lavish breakfast we headed for HK.  Stayed at a hotel in HK. Not much to see expect for the Peak  & they Malls. Shopping is prohibitively expensive.  By now we were tired of Pasta and hunted desperately for Curd Rice …., not a problem as there are many indian Restaurants in HK.
Day – 4  We head to Sea World  – its a cab drive away ( Metro is great – but we  did not try it) – this is a lovely amusement park where you can spend a day – Baloon rides, Zoo , Dolphins , Scary rides and many more things to do.
 Its easy to spend a full day at Sea-world – and you can cover almost all the activities there. Kids love it – so don’t miss this. Tickets are not very cheap.
Day – 5 : We head to Macau by Ferry.  You go thru immigration check  while boarding the Ferry. Its a 1 hr ride on high seas. Macau like Goa was a Portuguese colony till recently. Its now the Las Vegas of Asia.
We stayed at the Venetian – lovely suites and there is enough at the venetian to keep you busy for a day. The food court has multiple options of Indian Cuisine. We found more Indians than Chinese at Macau. At night we attended the Cirq De Soleil – Circus show – its out of the world and a must see ( Shows keep changing every 3 months)
  Day 6 : In the morning we go for a City visit , and are back in the hotel by 2. We leave at 3 for the ferry that leaves at 4. The ferry takes you straight to HK Airport – from where you can board your flight to Bangalore back.
A Trip to HK – Macau  can put you back by 3.5 – 4 Lac’s ( with limited shopping) – This is when you stay at good hotels and don’t cut corners on transportation / food etc. ( there are packages that offer deals .. not sure how good they are).
If you have kids in the age group of 6 – 12 , this is a great holiday from India.
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