Neeleshwar – A great place to unwind

The closest beaches from Bangalore are Chennai or Goa. Both are great beaches but very commercialized. Based on a friends recommendation we tried Neeleshwar – and it was a Wow !

Neeleshwar is a long drive from Bangalore ( 8 Hrs). Its 230 Kms from Mysore ( Mysore – Coorg – Cross the W Ghats and then Reach the Kerala Coast at Kasargod). We left in the evening – took a break at Mysore for the night and started in the morning. The 230 Km from Mysore to Neeleshwar takes about 5 Hrs.


Neeleshwar Hermitage

Neeleshwar Hermitage is a wonderful homely resort that is located on the beach. The rooms are lovely, service is great and the food authentic Kerala Cuisine.  Its serene , quiet and peaceful and the perfect getaway for relaxation.

The rooms are well designed and have a view of the Ocean , The swimming pool is fabulous and it feels like its cascading into the ocean. The sand is soft & clean. Though the rooms have no TV’s coconut plantationyou don’t miss it at all.

Few Imp Tips

1. There is a train from Bangalore – 16517 Kannur Express that leaves Yeshwantpur Jn at 20.35 and reaches Kanhangad at 10.19 the next day. The return train is called Yeshwantpur Express 16518 – leaves Kanhangad at 17.40 and reaches Bangalore at 07.05 .

2. Room rates are about 10 K / Night – Food is expensive – no restaurants close by – a room for 3 nights with family can cost you 50 K ( $ 1000) – and thats in off peak season

inside view of resort

3. Limited activities around – there is a wonderful fort close by and you can take a House Boat ride for a few hrs, also some villages where you can see Jackfruits, Coconuts , Mangoes … and even pluck them

4. The Resort does organize evening cultural activities in peak season when the resort is full

5. Kids tend to get bored after 2 days – so a 3 night 4 day package may be a tide too long ( But with a 8 hr drive you don’t want a 2 day holiday !!)

pic shot in boat housedaughter
making sand house

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One comment on “Neeleshwar – A great place to unwind

  • Anton , Direct link to comment

    Perfect first picture. I was looking for a picture of that very same tree. I remember it so well from our stay at Neeleshwar. It inspired me to buy three of them for my own garden. It’s a lot younger in this picture having since grown thicker sturdier and wider like a glorious low green cloud of a thing with beautiful rosy new leaves and clusters of large sweet violet red figs smothering the lower branches and trunk.
    I think it’s worth mentioning the type of accommodation because this sets it apart in many respects. Individual bungalows with lovely outdoor bathrooms all set in lush lawns and flowering shrubs under light shade of coconut palms through which the shining blue Indian ocean twinkles. It certainly is one of the most serene places you will find on the entire coast. The bedrooms are the right side of luxurious. Simple, tasteful and restful, perfect mattress and crisp white linen, six stars. It is homely, especially if you are used to the good things in life and if not it’s certainly a treat.
    The staff are discreet and charming. I get homesick thinking about it and long to be walking along those miles and miles of glorious beach either direction. Brahman kites flying high in the sky, silver fish splashing in the waves chased by dolphins to our very toes.
    Unfortunately with Corona this year I can only dream, so thanks for the lovely memories.
    We also drove down from Bangalore, a fascinating and wonderful drive which took us well off the beaten track a number of times. I just cant wait to do it all again. I don’t like flying much and the flight from London or Hong Kong where we are based is more than enough. Once over land I must be behind the wheel exploring ASP.
    We stayed three nights which for us was far too short but we wanted to get in as much of that part of Indian into our holiday, the second time was also three days however next time we are determined to make it six at Neeleshwar.
    Wish I could pack up and go right now………

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