ॐ = mc²

Quantum Physics and Einstein explain the relation between Matter & Energy. The ancient seers & rishis claimed that the universe is nothing but energy in different forms. WE have ourselves experienced how the energy in our body transforms at different times. The topic is attracting  a lot of attention. There is an interesting forum called SAND – that holds a conference on Science & Non Duality. It attracts the best of scientists and thinkers from across the globe to discuss on this topic. For those interested here is the URL – http://www.scienceandnonduality.com).

Since ages all the enlightened beings – Buddha, Shankara, Osho, Vivekananda, Ramana Maharishi – have all demonstrated that there is infinite energy inside in the human body. And True Knowledge & Bliss can only be obtained when this energy is activated and it merges with the cosmos. Call it nirvana, awakening of the Kunadlini, Enlightenment – its all one & the same.


Reading multiple books on the topic I have managed to pick up information in bits & pieces but have struggled to connect the dots – it all started coming together  last weekend at an excellent program called Inner Engineering conducted by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev (Isha Foundation)


The first thought that comes to my mind is the sheer mastery of Sadhguru’s facilitation skills and witty oratory that holds the attention of nearly 300 people for 30 hrs across 2 ½ days on varied topics of spirituality. His topics are diverse , communication is flawless and he holds the audience rapt in attention. Good content , well packaged , delivered perfectly – its an excellent product. A good mix of discourse, interactions, activities and fun makes the program indeed a memorable one.

The execution of the event is perfection epitomized. Managed by volunteers who have experienced the benefit of the program – it runs in a meticulous manner with a supreme eye for detail for the smallest of things. A live instrumental team with guitars , drums , flute veena and some lovely singing keeps the energy level in the hall very high. Overall a wonderful event – clearly  the best training in self development that I would have attended.

Its been just a few days and I already see the benefits of the program . You feel lighter, clearer , energized and more at peace with yourself. If this can happen in 3 days I wonder how far we can go after a year of regular sadhna. I want to capture the essence of the program in this blog and I would strongly encourage all of you to attend this program. (There are multiple versions happening across the country including an online version – http://www.ishafoundation.org)

The core of the program is to initiate participants into a ancient and powerful Kriya called the  “Shambhavi Maha Mudra” that helps ignite the hidden energy inside an individual. Its simple, takes 30 min to practice every day and you can see a visible difference in a few days. ( http://blog.ishafoundation.org/yoga-meditation/demystifying-yoga/why-shambhavi/)

Let me now try and summarize the core philosophy explained by Sadguru in the program. This is just a tip of the iceberg and the true depth & breadth of the session can only be experienced once you attend it.

  1. We are all different forms of energy that is the universe. So when we say God is inside everything or Lord Krishna opened his mouth to show the entire universe inside it – it just means that we are all part and parcel of the same energy that is all pervasive.
  2. Our body is nothing but food, our features are inherited from our DNA. Our mind is nothing but impressions – we keep on adding impressions but have no delete button to remove them
  3. Every emotion is a chemical reaction. Imbalance creates disease. A pill is nothing but a chemical that solves this disease temporarily. You need to be at ease and create the right balance inside you. Our misbalance causes 70% of our illness.
  4. Anger is nothing but a surge of chemicals. It hardly lasts for more than 30 seconds. The angry man is unhappier than the man who he has been angry at.
  5. Our intellect is nothing but a knife that dissects. We need to experience and feel life from within.
  6. The biggest miracle in life is life itself – rather than look at the miracle that is us we look for miracles and joy outside.
  7. As kids we were always happy – as adults we are unhappy most of the time. This is because we have created boundaries for ourselves. A boundary of our family, our building, our community, our religion, our country. Anything outside the boundary seems a threat.
  8. Since we are all part of the same cosmos we need to take responsibility for everything. Our resources may limit our actions for solving everything but this will help us identify the infinite potential in us.
  9. All problems and all solutions exist within you. You need to accept what you know and what you don’t know.
  10. We are technologically the most advanced generation but physically the weakest. Our food & lifestyle habits is threatening our very existence and acting as an impediment to natural evolution. We have destroyed in the last 50 years what has flourished for millions of years. We are threatening the existence of the planet.

He also touches upon a variety of other interesting topic that includes Right Food to eat ( Pranic Vs Non Pranic) , how many was designed to be a vegetarian , how you can enjoy old age by nurturing your body early , Stories on Adi Yogi and how spirituality in India thrived as early as 15,000 years back. How astrology , numerology and the concept of Hell & Heaven are all misconceptions.

Like I mentioned in one my earlier blogs – we have been brainwashed since our childhood days. God does not exist in a temple but inside you. This program helps validate that. It’s encouraging to see that the vast majority of people who attended the program were in the late 20’s and 30’s. It augurs well for humanity if the wave of spirituality can once again revive the country and the world from its woes. It gives me hope.

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  • Jayant Kshirsagar , Direct link to comment

    Hi VAK, thank you for sharing your experience. I recently attended Art of Living workshop and have been practicing Sudarshan Kriya for a few days now. The essence of the teachings and the results of daily Sadhana have been similar to what you mentioned in the blog. I am not as well read as you on this subject but can definitely see that there is a common thread in whichever path you adopt. We don’t need to search peace/joy outside. It’s all within us. Most importantly, we now know some of the ways to get that peace and joy. The investment of 30 minutes everyday is absolutely worth it! – Jayant

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