Introduction & Meaning – Gayatri Mantra

The Gayatri Mantra is a powerful and easy to chant mantra that has been associated with our land for thousands of years. When chanted regularly and accurately by understanding the meaning it brings clarity to your thought and helps accelerate your spiritual journey.


Brahmarshi Vishvamitra is credited as the author of most of Mandala 3 of the Rigveda, including the Gayatri Mantra. The Puranas mention that only 24 rishis since antiquity have understood the whole meaning of – and thus wielded the whole power of Gayatri Mantra. Vishvamitra is supposed to be the first and Yajnavalkya the last


The Blog is based on the explanation of The Gayatri Mantra by Sri M in his book “Jewel in the Lotus – Deeper aspects of Hinduism”. There is a detailed explanation by Sri M also on the topic and you can get a DVD of the same. A link to the  introductory talk by Sri M is enclosed below.


The Gayatri Mantra is one of the most ancient mantras of this country. It is said that whoever sings (or chants) it is protected. It deals with the relationship between man & universe. It is concerned with the process of Self Realisation.

Gayatri Mantra does not say, ‘give me wealth’, the mantra does not say ‘give me health’, it does not say ‘give me this’ or ‘give me that’. Gayatri Mantra says illuminate or stimulate my intelligence

A hymn from the Rigveda, it is addressed to Savitur – the Sun, but its tutelary deity is Gayatri. She is the female counterpart of the Trinity or more appropriately their consorts – Saraswati, Lakshmi & Kali representing learning, wealth and protection. They are individually prayed to for worldly personal boons while Gayatri is invoked to give us the “buddhi” to understand our true nature, knowing which we have everything. The divine light of Savitur helps us free ourselves from bondage so that the power of Gayatri envelops us.

The Gayatri Mantra is unique – its the only mantra which is a combination of a prayer and a mantra – it combines the inherent power of the sound of a mantra with the power of the prayer.


Aum  Bhur Bhuvah Suvah

Tat Savitur Varenyam 

Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi

Dhiyo Yonah Prajodayat

Rough literal interpretation 

We contemplate upon the Originator or Source of everything, that adorable effulgent Divinity, and pray that our intelligence may be illuminated and stimulated, so that we would be enabled to understand the Absolute Truth

There is one word in this mantra which sets it apart from all other mantras. It is the word “dheemahi“. It means either ” We meditate upon” or “May we meditate upon” – whatever meaning we select, an assertion or a prayer, the important aspect is the plural form of the word. And this has great significance. The plural implies that the prayer is for the benefit for all though the aspirant is seeking the development of spiritual consciousness. It is this transcendence over a desire for narrow personal benefit that imbues the Gayatri Mantra with its great power.

Gayatri Mantra & The Power of Discrimination 

Caught up in our everyday life we need clear and sharp perception to comprehend the deeper significance of our mundane facts and problems. Intellect or reason is often not enough to provide clarity, man suffers from lack of discrimination. The power of Discrimination according to Vedanta is only possible when a faculty higher than intellect is used. That faculty is “Buddhi” – which can be loosely defined as intuition tempered with intellect. And Gayatri is the mode to reach this source of discrimination or “Viveka

What is Gayatri 

Gayatri is a particular form of Sanskrit Shloka written in what is known as a Gayatri meter. The Gayatri meter consists of 24 syllables (aksharas) evenly distributed in three padas (feet). There are other mantras using the gayatri metre but the Gayatri Mantra by virtue of its universal appeal has appropriated for itself the name of the meter, so that any mention of this meter evokes the words of the mantra.


Each foot of the Gayatri represents the Rig, Yajur and Sama Vedas – so its said in the Scriptures that the Gayatri Mantra is the mother of all the Vedas


Simple and powerful, chanting it 108 times a day takes about 20 minutes. It helps you in getting the rare power to illuminate your intelligence and develop your power of perception and discrimination, enhance your clarity. Its a worth a try , there is nothing to lose but a lot to gain. So try doing it every day after your morning bath, facing the Sun from your balcony or garden and get charged with positive energy. Best time to chant is in the morning.

Introductory Talk on the Gayatri Mantra by Sri M

It is important that you chant it in the right tone and metre. The rendition by the Challikere brothers is probably the most accurate that you can get online.

Gayathri Dhyanam – Challekere Brothers, downloadable from iTunes

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