Worshipping Baba’s Holy Paduka @ Home – A Guide

It is a rare privilege for devotees to be able to host Baba’s holy Paduka & Kafni  at their residence. Such is the divine power of Sainath – that to a sincere devotee this is like Baba himself coming home. It is a festive occasion full of divine joy.

This document provides inputs on

  1. Sri Mhalsapati and the Paduka in possession of the family
  2. Suggestions on the process to follow when the Padukas are brought to your residence
  3. Links to Ashtottara Namavali, popular Aarti / Bhajan

About Mhalsapati 

Mhalsapati, who had the benefit of forty to fifty unbroken years with Sai Baba, may be considered among the foremost of his devotees.

He was the first to worship Baba, the first to greet him on his arrival in Shirdi and to address him as “Sai” (Saint). Only Mhalsapati and one other devotee (Tatya Kote Patil) were allowed to stay with Baba in the mosque at night. When Baba went into a state of samadhi for 72 hrs he had told Mhalsapati that he would;d return to his body – against all odds Mhalsapati guarded Baba’s body safely.

Shirdi Sai Baba gifted a pair of Shoes (Paduka) and HIS Robe (Kafani) to him. These rare and holy items are taken care and still in the possession of the 4th generation of the Mhalsapati family. This BLOG highlights the wonderful experience we had at Bangalore when Ashok Ji and his wife came to Bangalore with Babaji’s Padukas in Sep 2022. We visited over 30 houses and 3 temples in a span of 5 days.

Guidelines for Paduka Puja at home as suggested by Mhalsapati family 

These are suggestions and not a rule. Please follow your own method of Guru Paduka Pooja as done by your ancestors. If no such tradition has been followed, you could do the following :

1. Please assemble at your apartment or house gate and bring a Thali (Plate) filled with kumkum water and Diyas (lights) to do the welcome Aarti.

2. Decorate the entrance / passage to your house with flowers.

3. The head of the family can carry the Paduka’s with reverence and devotion on his head into the residence. As the Paduka enter the house shower some petals along the way.

4. Baba’s Paduke should be placed on a decorated stool. Please place a photograph or murti of Baba if you have one at home. The Paduke is usually in the suitcase, but the glass casing can be brought out and placed on the table or stool.

5. The Paduke should be worshipped with Akshata (dry rice coloured with turmeric). No other material will be allowed since these are made of leather.

6. While performing the worship, we could recite the Sai Ashtoththara. After this, the Sai Aarti / Bhajan can be sung. You can also sing songs for your own Guru and this is also accepted by Baba.

6. After the Aarti and Bhajans, Baba’s paduke are offered Naivedya and Dakshina. (Please note, normally during Guru Paduka Puja, it is customary to offer Naivedya and Dakshina. This is NOT an ask for money, and please offer Baba anything you heart desires)

7. After the offering is made, the prasad should be distributed to all gathered on the occasion and everyone can offer Pranams to Baba’s paduke.

8. The head of the family will then carry Baba’s paduke to all corners of his house. The puja room, the kitchen, the bed rooms and all places where he wants Baba to visit.

9. After this, the Paduke will leave the residence. The whole program takes about 30 minutes, entry to exit.

10. Tips for Naivedyam – Anything served with devotion is good. Food liked by Baba include Khichdi, Palak, Puran Poli, Bakri, Halwa, Bharit & Kachrya (Dishes made with Brinjal), Guavas, Raisins etc

Some more Photos 

Ashok Mhalspati (Grandson of Mhalsapati) with his wife Aai. They live in Shirdi near Dwarka Mai in the same house where Mhalsapati used to live. The house is also the samadhi sthal of Mhalsapati.

Baba’s Kafni 




Bhajans & Aarti (Clickable links to YouTube)

Shirdi Sai Baba Ashtotram Namavali – 108 Names 

Aarti Sai Baba 

Aarti Sai Baba – Lata Mangeshkar

Sai Bhajan 

Sai Baba Ashtottara Namavali  (108 Names of Shirdi Sai Baba)

OM Sri Sai Nathaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Lakshmi naarayanaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Krishnaraamashiva maruthyaadhi roopaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Seshasai ne namaha
OM Sri Sai Godhavarithata shirdhivasi ne namaha
OM Sri Sai Bhakta hrudaalayaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Sarva hrunnilayaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Bhoota vaasaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Bhootha bhavishyadbhaava varnithaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Kaalaa thiithaaya namaha || 10 ||

OM Sri Sai Kaalaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Kaala kaalaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Kaaladarpa damanaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Mrutyunjayaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Amarthyaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Marthyaa bhayapradhaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Jiivadhaaraaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Sarvadhaaraaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Bhaktaavana samarthaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Bhaktavana prathikjnaaya namaha || 20 ||

OM Sri Sai Anna vastra daaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Aroogya ksheemadaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Dhana maangalyapradaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Buddhi siddhi pradaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Putra mitra kalathra bandhudaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Yogaksheema vahaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Aapadbhaandhavaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Maargabandhavee namaha
OM Sri Sai Bhukti mukti swargaapavargadaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Priyaaya namaha || 30 ||

OM Sri Sai Preeti vardhanaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Antharyaminee namaha
OM Sri Sai Sacchitatmanee namaha
OM Sri Sai Nityanandaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Parama sukhadaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Parameeshwaraaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Parabrahmanee namaha
OM Sri Sai Paramaatmanee namaha
OM Sri Sai Gnaana Swaroopinee namaha
OM Sri Sai Jagath pithre namaha || 40 ||

OM Sri Sai Bhaktaanaam maathru daathru pithaamahaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Bhaktaabhaya pradhaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Bhakta para dheenaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Bhaktaanugraha karaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Sharaanagatha vatsalaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Bhakti shakti pradaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Gnana yraaghya prdaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Preema pradaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Samskhaya hrudaya dowurbhalya paapa karma vaasanaa kshayakaraaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Hrudayagranthi bheedakaaya namaha || 50 ||

OM Sri Sai Karma dhvamsiinee namaha
OM Sri Sai Suddasathva sthithaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Gunaatheetha gunaathmanee namaha
OM Sri Sai Anantha kalyaana gunaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Amitha parakramaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Jayinee namaha
OM Sri Sai Durdhaarshaa kshobyaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Aparaajitaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Trilookeeshu avighaatha gatayee namaha
OM Sri Sai Ashakya rahitaaya namaha || 60 ||

OM Sri Sai Sarva shakti murthayee namaha
OM Sri Sai Suroopa sundaraaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Suloochanaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Bahuroopa vishwamuurthayee namaha
OM Sri Sai Aroopaavyaktaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Aachintyaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Sookshmaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Sarvaantharyaminee namaha
OM Sri Sai Manoovaaga theethaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Preemamoorthayee namaha || 70 ||

OM Sri Sai Sulabha durlabhaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Asahaaya sahaayaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Anaatha naatha deenabaandhavee namaha
OM Sri Sai Sarvabhaara bhrutee namaha
OM Sri Sai Akarmaaneeka karma sukarminee namaha
OM Sri Sai Punyasravana keerthanaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Theerthaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Vasudeevaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Sataamgathayee namaha
OM Sri Sai Satyanaaraayanaaya namaha || 80 ||

OM Sri Sai Lokanaathaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Paavananaaghaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Amruthamsavee namaha
OM Sri Sai Bhaaskara Prabhaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Bramhacharya tapascharyaadi suvrathaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Satyadharma paraayanaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Siddheshvaraaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Siddha sankalpaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Yogeshwaraaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Bhagwatee namaha || 90 ||

OM Sri Sai Bhakta vatsalaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Sathpurushaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Purushootthamaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Satyatatva boodhakaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Kaamaadi shadyri dwamsinee namaha
OM Sri Sai Abheedaanandaama bhava pradhaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Samasarvamatha sammataaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Sri Dakshinaa moorthiyee namaha
OM Sri Sai Sri Venkateesha ramanaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Adbhuthaanantha charyaaya namaha || 100 ||

OM Sri Sai Prapannarthi haraaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Samsaara sarva dukha kshayakaraaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Sarva vitsarvato mukhaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Sarvaantharbhahi stitaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Sarvamangala karaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Sarvaabhiishta pradhaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai Samaras sanmaarga sthaapanaaya namaha
OM Sri Sai samartha sadguru Sri Sai nathaaya namaha || 108 ||

 108 Names of Shirdi Sai Baba Meaning

The One Who has the Wondrous Form of Lakshmi Narayana
The One Who is the Lord with the Form of Krishna, Rama, Shiva, and Anjaneya
The One Who Sleeps on Adi Shesha
The One Who Lived in Shirdi, Which is on the Shores of the Godavari
The One Who Merges with the Heart of His Devotees
The One Who Merges with all Hearts
The One Who Lives in all Beings
The One Who Removes Thoughts About the Past, Present, and Future
The One Who is Beyond Time || 10 ||

The One Who is Time
The One Who is the Killer of the God of Death
The One Who Removes the Pain Inflicted by the God of Death
The One Who has Conquered/Succeeded Death
The One Who is a Superhuman Being
The One Who Gives Salvation to Human Beings
The One Who is the Support of Life.
The One Who is the Support of Everything
The One Who is Worshipped by a Forest of Devotees
The One Who has Taken the Promise of Protecting His Devotees || 20 ||

The One Who Gives Food and Clothes
The One Who Grants Health and Comfort
The One Who Grants Well-Being and Health
The One Who Grants Wisdom and Power
The One Who Grants Sons, Friends, Wives, and Relatives
The One Who Looks After Our Well-Being
The One Who is the Friend in Times of Troubles and Distress
The One Who is Our Only Guide in Our Life Journey
The One Who Bestows Wealth, Everlasting Bliss and Eternal State (Heaven)
The One Who is Extremely Dear to Devotees || 30 ||

The One Who is Increases Our Devotion to God
The One Who is Indwelling Spirit
The One Who is Who is the Divine Truth
The One Who is Always Drowned in Eternal Bliss
The One Who Gives Immense (Divine) Pleasure
The One Who is the Supreme Lord
The One Who is the Ultimate Brahman
The One Who is the Divine Soul
The One Who is Wisdom Personified
The One Who is the Father of the universe || 40 ||

The One Who is Mother, Father, and Grandfather to all His Devotees
The One Who Gives Refuge to all Devotees
The One Who is in Control of His Devotees
The One Who Blesses His Devotees
The One Who Loves People Surrendering to Him
The One Who Gives Strength to His Devotees
The One Who Gives Wisdom and Renunciation
The One Who Showers Selfless Love on all His Devotees
The One Who Weakens the Weaknesses of the Heart and Propensity for Sins
The One Who Destroys the Attachment of the Heart || 50 ||

The One Who Destroys Our Sins Accumulated as a Result of Our Evil Activities
The One Who is in Pure Truth and Goodness
The One Who Possesses all Superior and Good Virtues
The One Who is the Limitless Good Qualities
The One Who Possesses Immeasurable Valour
The One Who is Always Victorious
The One Who Removes all Calamities of His Devotees
The One Who Can Never be Vanquished
The One Who can Freely Go Around all the Three Worlds Unobstructed
The One Who can Execute Everything Perfectly and Nothing is Impossible for Him || 60 ||

The One Who is the Idol of all Powers
The One Whose Form is Very Pretty
The One Whose Eyes are Attractive, Beautiful and Impressive
The One Who is the Form of the World with Several Forms
The One Who is Formless and Not Clear
The One Who is Beyond Thought
The One Who has a Micro-Form
The One Who is in Everything
The One Who is Beyond Mind and Words
The One Who is the Personification of Love || 70 ||

The One Who is Easy as Well as Difficult to Get
The One Who Helps People, Who Depend on Him
The One Who is the Merciful Lord of Orphans
The One Who Bears the Burden of Protecting His Devotees
The One Who Seems to be Not Doing Anything but Continuously Involved in Actions
The One Whose Sacred Name is Worthy of Being Sung and to be Listened to
The One Who is in the Form of all Sacred Rivers
The One Who is None Other Than Lord Krishna
The One Who is Always the Refuge of all
The One Who Possessed all the Merits of Being Worshipped by Good People || 80 ||

The One Who is the Lord of This Universe
The One Who Possesses the Most Sacred Form
The One Who is Divine Nectar
The One Who Shines Brilliantly Like the Sun
The One Who Observes the Penance of the Brahmachari
The One Who Embodies Truth and Righteousness
The One Who is the Master of all Eight Siddhis or Superhuman Faculties Like anima, legima etc
The One Who Executes His Wishes Perfectly and in no Time
The One Who is the Head of all Yogis or Ascetics
The One Who is the Supreme Lord of the Universe || 90 ||

The One Who is Fond of his Devotees
The One Who is Eternal, Unmanifest, Supreme Purusha
The One Who is the Highest and Supreme Being
The One Who Preaches the True Principles of Truth and Reality
The One Who Destroys the Six Foes, viz. Desire, Anger, Greed, Hatred, Pride, and Lust
The One Who Grants the Bliss of Realisation of the One Absolute
The One Who is Tolerant and Equal Towards all
The One Who is Dakshina Moorty (Lord Shiva)
The One Who is Lord Venkatesha (Lord Vishnu)
The One Who Performs Infinite, Marvellous Deeds (Miracles) || 100 ||

The One Who Removes the Difficulties of His Devotees
The One Who Reduces The Sorrow of the Entire World
The One Who is Omnipresent, With His Face Turning in all Directions, Omniscient
The One Who Exists Everywhere, Inside Everyone, and is all Knowing
The One Who is Always Doing Good and Auspicious for the Welfare of His Devotees
The One Who Fulfills the Genuine Wishes of his Devotees || 108 ||


Sai Baba Aarti


 Aarti Sai Baba

Saukhyadatara Jeeva Charana Rajatali

Dhyava Daasa Vishava Bhakta Vishava

Aarti Sai Baba


Jaaluniya Aananga

SwasvaroopiNahe Danga Mumukshu Jana Daavi

Nija Dola Shriranga, Dola Shriranga

Aarti Sai Baba


Jaya Mani Jaisah Bhaavah

Taya Taisa Anubhaava

Daavisi Dayaghaana

Aisi Tujhi Hi Maav , Tujhi Hi Maav

Aarti Sai Baba


Tumche Nam (Nav) Dhyata

Hari SansrutiVyatha

Agaadha Tavah Karani

Marga Daavisi Anatha, Daavisi Anatha

Aarti Sai Baba


Kaliyugi Avataara

Sagun Brahma Sachaara

Avateerna Jhalaasee

Swami Dutta Digambara, Dutta Digambara

Aarti Sai Baba


Atha Divsaa Guruvari

Bhakta Kariiti Vaari

Prabhupada Pahavaya

Bhava Bhaya Nivaari, Bhaya Nivaari

Aarti Sai Baba


Majha Nija Drava Theva

Tava Charan Rajaseva

Maagane Henchi Aata

Tumha Deva Di Deva, Deva Di Deva

Aarti Sai Baba


Iichit Din Chaatak

Nirmal Toya Nijasukha

Paajaven MadhavaYa

Saambhal Aapuli Bhaak, Aapuli Bhaak

Aarti Sai Baba


Aarti Sai Baba

Aarti Sai Baba




आरती साई बाबा | सौख्यदातार जीवा. चरनरजातलि |

द्यावा दासा विसावा | भक्ता विसावा || आरती साई बाबा ||

(हम साई बाबा की आरती करे जो सभी जीवो को सुख देने वाले है |

है बाबा, हम दासो और भक्तो को आप अपनी चरण धूलि का आश्रय दीजिये | हम साई बाबा की आरती)

This Aarti is being done to Sai Baba, who gives happiness to all beings. Dear Sai – please provide your devotees and slaves shelter in the dust of your feet.


जाणुनिया अनंग | सस्वरुपी राहे दंग |

मुमुक्षुजन दावी | निज डोळा श्रीरंग || १ || आरती…||

(काम और इच्छाओ को जलाकर आप आत्मरूप मैं लीन हैं | हे साई। मुमुक्षजनों अर्थात मुक्ति की कामना करने वालेअपने नेत्रों से आप को श्रीरंग (विष्णु ) स्वरुप का दर्शन करें अर्थात् आप उन्हें आत्म साख्सात्कार दीजिये | हम साई बाबाकी आरती)

Having vanquished desire & lust You are in a state of divine bliss. People like us desiring Moksha wish to see your divine radiance. Please fulfil our wish.


जया मनी जैसा भाव | तयातैसा अनुभव |

दाविसी दयाघना | ऐसी तूझी ही माव तुझी ही माव || २ || आरती…||

(जिसके मन मैं जैसा भाव हो उसे आप वैसा ही अनुभव देते हैं | हे दयाधन (दया बरसानेवाले बादल) साई, आपकी ऐसीही माया है | हम साई बाबा की आरती)

Depending on the level of devotion of a devotee you express yourself accordingly to them. O Sai – You shower your grace on us,  this is your greatness.


तुमचे नाम ध्याता | हरे संस्क्रुतिव्यथा |

अगाध तव कारणी। मार्ग दाविसी अनाथा , दाविसी अनाथा ॥ ३ ॥ आरती… ॥

(आपके नाम के स्मरण मात्र से ही सांसारिक व्यथाओं का अंत हो जाता है। आपकी करनी तो अगाध और अपरमपार है।है साई, आप हम अनाथों को राह दिख्लाए। हम साई बाबा की आरती)

A mere chanting of Your name helps overcome the challenges of day to day life. Your divine grace is limitless. Please take orphans like us in Your fold and grant us Your blessings.


कलियुगी अवतार। सगुण परब्रह्म साचार।

अवतीर्ण झालासे। स्वामी दत्त दिगंबर दत्त दिगंबर | ४ ॥ आरती… ॥

(आपही परब्रह्म हैं, जिसने सगुण रूप मैं इस कलियुग मैं अवतार लिया। हे स्वामी, आप ही दत्त दिगंबर (ब्रह्मा, विष्णु औरमहेश का एक रूप – Shri दत्तात्रेय ) के रूप मैं अवतरित हुए। हम साई बाबा की आरती)

You are the infinite Brahman who has taken birth in this Kaliyuga. O Lord you are only the incarnation of Dutta Digambar (Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva)


आठां दिवसा गुरुवारी। भक्त करिती वारी।

प्रभुपद पहावया। भवभय निवारी , भय निवारी॥ ५ ॥ आरती…॥

(हर दिन आंठवे दिन अर्थात् सप्ताह के हर गुरुवार को भक्त शिरडी की यात्रा करते हैं। और इस संसार के भय निवारणहेतु आपके चरणों के दर्शन करते हैं. हम साई बाबा की आरती)

Every 8th day your devotees head to Shirdi on Thursday. The grace you bestow by a mere look at Your divine feet helps the devotee to overcome all the fears and anxieties of this world. 


माझा निजद्रव्य ठेवा। तव चरणरजसेवा।

मागणे हेची आता। तुम्हां देवाधिदेवा , देवाधिदेवा॥ ६ ॥ आरती… ॥

(आपके चरणों की धुल की सेवा ही मेरी समस्त निधि हो। हे देवों के देव, आब यही मेरी कामना है। हम साई बाबा कीआरती)

I pray to offer my services to the dust of Your feet. O Lord of Lord – That is my sole goal in life.


इच्छित दीन चातक। निर्मल तोय निजसुख।

पाजावें माधव या। सांभाळ आपुली भाक , आपुली भाक॥ ७ ॥ आरती… ॥

(जिस प्रकार चातक को (स्वाति न्क्षत्र के) निर्मल वर्षा-जल के सुख की अभिलाषा होती हैं वैसे ही इस माधव (रचनाकार) को भी निर्मल gyaan (knowledge) की भीख देकर संभालिये और अपनी महिमा से अनुग्रहित कीजिये)

Just like the Chatak bird is in quest of rainwater, please grant knowledge to this humble devotee and take us under Your protection. Grant us Your blessings & bestow Your divine glory on us.

Sai Bhajan

OM Sai Namaya OM Sai Namaya

Hara Hara Bole Sai Namaya

Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka

Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja

Para Brahma Shri Satchidhanandha

Sadguru Sai Nadha Namaya

Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnu Gurur Devo Maheshwara

Gurur Saakshaath Para Brahma Thasmai Shri Gurave Namaya

Shreemad Para Brahma Guru Smaraami

Shreemad Para Brahma Guru Namami

Shreemad Para Brahma Guru Yajami

Shreemad Para Brahma Guru Bhajami

Om Sri Sai Nathaaya Namaha

Lakshmi Narayanaya Namaha

Om Krishna Ram Shiva Maruthya Dhiroopaya

Om Shesha Shaine Namo Namaya

Om Godhavari Thata Shiladhi Vaasine

Bhaktha Hrudhalayaya Namo Namaya

Yogeshwaraya Namo Namaya

Om Bhagavathe Namo Namaya

Om Theerthaya Namo Namaya

Vasudevaya Namo Namaya

Om Kalathethaya Kalaaya Namaya

Kaala Kaalaya Namo Namaya

Om Sai Namaya Om Sai Namaya

Hara Hara Bole Sai Namaya

Om Preethi Vardhanaya Priyaya Namaha

Om Antharyamine Namo Namaya

OM Sathchidhatmane Nithya Nandhaya

Parama Sukha Dhaya Namo Namaya

Om Sai Namaya Om Sai Namaya

Hara Hara Bole Sai Namaya



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